No, the city is NOT opening the pools for winter swimming this year!

If you happened to drive by one of the city of Cedar Rapids' outdoor public pools this week and noticed that they were being filled up with water, you were probably a little confused. Why would the city fill up swimming pools when the high on Thursday is only expected to be 3 degrees?! Was it some sort of weird accident? Are they preparing for the 2022 pool season SUPER early? No and no. The city is actually filling up the pools to protect them.

A new Facebook post from the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation department explains exactly why they needed to fill up the city pools this week, and even includes a video of the process. The post reads:

"Your eyes are not deceiving you; we are putting water in outdoor pools this week. We are protecting the pool basins from damage that can occur due to the freeze/thaw process during Iowa winters. Filling them with water weighs down the basin and reduces the potential of costly repairs."

They city also used the post as an opportunity to encourage Eastern Iowans to apply to be part of their aquatics team this summer. There are listings for cashier/concession workers, lifeguards, pool managers/assistant managers, aquatics aides, and aquatics assistant coordinators. If you are looking for seasonal work in 2022 and meet the age requirements, you can get more information on each position and apply online HERE. In the meantime, please don't attempt to swim in ANY outdoor bodies of water this winter...

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