After l had last Thursday off, we're all back in the studio this week for another fun edition of 'Who In The KHAK Crew'! Some weeks the question spurs a very hearty debate on who we'd choose. This week's question though had a clear winner. Today we asked, who in the KHAK crew would you trust the LEAST to watch your kids?

Now as the only KHAK staff member with kids, I'd like to first say that I'd have NO issue with Courtlin, Bob or Danielle coming over and watching my kids. I consider all of my co-workers to be kind, compassionate people who care about the well being of others. But my kids are older now. What if I still had an infant or a toddler in the house? That is part of the reason we came to such a quick conclusion.

I'm married with three kids. Bob is married with numerous pets. Danielle is getting married soon and has fur babies of her own. Courtlin is single. Whether you think the outcome is fair or not, it was unanimous. I offered Courtlin the chance to come and babysit for me this weekend to prove her merits. Sadly, she declined.

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