Ok, everyone calm down. This isn't supposed to get everyone worked up over potential snowfall amounts. Yes, the forecast does call for a chance of some light snow or flurries this weekend. But we're by no means looking at our first significant storm of the winter season. But when the white flakes show up on your weather app, it's time to start asking the question, when is that first inch or more of snow coming?

First of all, what is the definition of 'snowfall'? IowaWeather.com says that our first official snowfall will be when one inch or more of snow falls. A dusting or a few flurries simply don't count. Pinpointing when that first snowfall will come can be even more difficult. We made it through October without seeing any, so most of us expect it sometime in November. But sometimes we don't see it until Christmas or even later! So when does Eastern Iowa normally see our first snowfall?


As you can see via the map courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, measurable snowfall is normal for this time of year in far Western Iowa. But here in Eastern Iowa, we typically don't see that first inch or more of snow until between December 4th and December 11th.

The other thing to remember this time of year is ground temperature. Sure, we may get a little light snow this weekend, but the ground temperature is still warm enough that anything that falls will melt away. For now.

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