Lots of sports fans are angry that Dish and Sling are battling it out with Fox TV. And like most of these battles, it feels like customers are the biggest losers. 

The digital landscape changes daily. While some say that cable TV is dying, others think streaming services are overrated. Meanwhile, local TV stations add HD broadcast side channels in an effort to stay relevant.  

So what's the best combination for price and value? Like personal relationships, it's complicated.

The perfect mix of media may be elusive but if you've found the magic combination we'd like you to share it with us.

How much should you pay for a typical  Internet service providing a speed of 60 Mbps?

How much do you spend each month for your plan, including extras like Netflix or Amazon Prime?

How do you rate streaming services like Google Play, Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV, etc.?

And how do you feel about cable TV?

Tell us in the comments what you think is the best choice for value and service in the confusing world of digital media.

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