The gridlock that plagues our government could actually shut it down. Unless Congress can pass a last-minute spending bill by the end of the week, the government will shut down. Neither party wants that to happen, but the two sides can't seem to agree on how to avoid it either. So what happens in the government does shut down? What services are affected?

First of all, the military could be affected. Now don't worry, they'll still be working to keep us all safe. But some members might not get paid for their service. Civilian employees at the Department of Defense will be laid off during a shutdown. Other essential services like Social Security, air traffic control, and the Transportation Security Administration will continue to be funded, even if some employees aren't.

Hopefully, you don't have vacation plans during a government shutdown. National Parks, zoos, and museums would all be closed. During the last government shutdown in 2013, around 850,000 government employees were laid off.

The U.S. Postal Service would still continue to operate, so you won't miss important mail. The other ironic thing about a government shutdown is that lawmakers would still get paid. It's law. And one more thing wrong with Washington.


[via CNN]

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