If you aren't aware, the Midwest lies between two coasts and, within the Midwest, there is a city unlike any other, where the scent of opportunity intertwines with the essence of community. Welcome to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a place where innovation meets tradition, and where the aroma of ambition fills the air.  Well, the aroma of something, we'll call it ambition, for now.

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Cedar Rapids is more than just a city.  It's a symphony of five senses, each scent, sound, and sight telling its own unique story. But if Cedar Rapids were distilled into a fragrance, what would it smell like? Often referred to as the city of 5 seasons, it has morphed into the city of 5 smells.


Imagine a candle, capturing the spirit of this vibrant metropolis. Would it emanate an earthy fragrance of fertile farmlands, hinting at the agricultural roots that run deep within its soil? Or would it be the invigorating scent of industry, a testament to Cedar Rapids' thriving manufacturing and technology sectors? Would that scent embody the gentle waft of the Cedar River and the lush greenery of its parks and gardens? This balance of hustle and harmony, of progress and peace, defines the very essence of Cedar Rapids.  My guess. the scent would feature a Captain and it's not Iowa's own Captain James T. Kirk.  It's Captain Crunch with his cohorts in crime Crunch Berries.

If we are to embark on a journey through the streets and stories of this remarkable city, let us ponder: What does Cedar Rapids truly smell like? Perhaps the answer lies not just in the fragrance of a candle, but in the aspirations and achievements of its people, forever intertwined with the soul of this remarkable place. There is that or there is Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries.

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