Most of us have experienced it - that moment in a relationship when you realize that it really could go the distance. A recent Reddit post asked users the question: What was the exact moment you knew your significant other was "The One?" Here are some of the best answers, as listed on The Chive:

  • "We were on vacation with his family, and I woke up to find him, in the kitchen, picking out all the raisins in a bagel for me because he knew how much I disliked raisins. "
  • "I have this weird quirk/OCD where, whenever I go shopping I always have to pick the second item in the row on the shelf. One day my boyfriend and I were grocery shopping and I noticed that without me even saying anything or asking him to do it, my boyfriend grabbed the second box of cereal from the shelf. I knew right then and there I had picked the right boy."
  • "She was sitting across the room from me with a group of her friends having a drink. I noticed her right away and we made eye contact. When I glanced back at her a second time she was sticking her tongue out and making finger-goggles at me, then gave me the biggest smile. I was done right then."
  • "After I saw her knock a guy to the floor at a metal concert after he jumped on her back. That was 10 years ago, we've been married 9."

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We want to know... What was the moment YOU knew your significant other was the one? Please share below!