Some people mark the beginning of the holiday season by the availability of continuous Christmas music available at the push of a button (I'm talking to you KDAT). My benchmark is when the TV starts playing holiday movies in a constant loop. There's just something about some Christmas classics that instantly makes me think of home and family and the joy of the season, even if the movies themselves are a bit cynical.

Mental Floss recently did a survey of favorite holiday movies by state, and I'm proud to say that my new home of Iowa shares my favorite Christmas film.

According to the article on the Mental Floss website:

Residents of Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and Vermont liked films set in their home states: Christmas in Connecticut, Home Alone (filmed in Winnetka, Illinois), It’s a Wonderful Life (set in the fictional city of Bedford Falls, New York), and White Christmas (set in the fictional town of Pine Tree, Vermont) all came out on top in those states, respectively.

As for Iowa, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation tops the favorites list. Thank you, Iowa, for giving me one more reason to love you!

Click on the picture below to find out what every state can't wait to see this season.

Mental Floss
Mental Floss

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