I think we can all agree that the year 2017 was a little bit insane. When it comes to the news, there was some good, some bad, and some just plain crazy. In honor of all the news that came out in 2017, The Daily Dot used Google Trends to find out the hot topics that each state looked up more than any other. The article states:

"To create this map of 2017 Google searches, we compiled a list of the biggest news stories, lists of people who drew our attention, celebrities who passed away, as well as the issues, trends, and events that made Americans pause."

So what exactly did Iowans search for more than any other state last year? We have two winners: net neutrality and the Keurig boycott. I'm actually a little confused, because I had no idea there WAS a Keurig boycott. There were so many big stories last year, I guess I somehow missed that one.

Here are some of the top searches for our Midwest neighbors:

  • Missouri - St. Louis protests & Jeremy Piven allegations
  • Minnesota - Mary Tyler Moore, sexual misconduct, & Al Franken allegations
  • Nebraska - Harvey Weinstein accusers
  • Illinois - Calories in a Unicorn Frappuccino, celebrities accused of sexual assault, Keystone Pipeline leak 2017, & Chicago murder rate
  • Wisconsin - Tony Romo announcer & Russia banned from Olympics 2018
  • South Dakota - Where is Guam on the map?, Mariah Carey New Years performance, Tiger Woods mugshot, & Oumuamua

Check out the rest of the list HERE.


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