Iowans were pretty serious in their Google searches last year!

The website Estately took a look at Google search trends for 2016 to figure out what exactly we spent time googling last year. They measured searches for different world events, celebrities, movies and TV shows, and everything in between. I was hoping to see funny results for the things that Iowa googled, but our results weren't humorous at all. What exactly did Iowans google last year more than anyone else in the U.S.? The Islamic State and ISIS, both terrorist groups!

As far as surrounding Midwest states go, there were some interesting results for their Google searches:

  • Minnesota - Prince
  • Missouri - McDonald's breakfast all day
  • Illinois - Craig Sager
  • Wisconsin - Reince Priebus
  • Nebraska - Pepe meme
  • South Dakota - Elie Wiesel

Check out the rest of the searches for each state HERE.

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