I've only lived in Iowa for about four and a half years now, but that is plenty of time for me to fall in love with a bunch of local businesses, especially restaurants. There are so many great places to eat here in Eastern Iowa, but when it comes to pizza, there is one restaurant that I will never forget.

A few years ago, Brain and I did Listener Lunch at a little place called Za's Pizza. It was located in the small strip mall at 1944 42nd St NE, and it was only open a couple of years, but the food will remain in my memory forever. They had a loaded baked potato pizza, and mac & cheese pizza, and the best taco pizza I've ever had in my LIFE.

Za's is the Eastern Iowa business that I miss the most, but I know there are many other bars, restaurants, venues, and shops that Iowans wish they could have back. We want to hear about those places! Here are some of the responses we got on Facebook:

What Eastern Iowa business do you wish was still open? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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