Most businesses may be closed on Christmas Day, but, lucky for us, Google never stops working!

Satellite Internet recently posted an article titled, "What Every State Is Googling on Christmas." Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me! Here's how they came up with the list:

"We gathered a list of popular Christmas-related internet searches and used Google Trends to match those searches with the states googling them on December 25, 2017."

So what were Iowans Googling last Christmas? "Best Christmas Lights Near Me." Lucky for you, we already did a blog on that last week, which you can read right HERE.

Our answer is fairly boring, but there are some really fun ones from other states. For example, people in Texas want to know, "is the Grinch real?" People in Rhode Island are apparently looking to escape their families' relationship questions because their popular search is for "Tinder." Folks in New Jersey must feel guilty about their holiday feasts because they looked up "Planet Fitness hours." And it looks like a lot of people in West Virginia are skeptics, because their big question is, "Is Santa Claus real?"

To check out the rest of the results, click HERE.

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