You'll soon be able to add Wendy's to the list of fast-food restaurants that offer breakfast. The burger chain announced that they'll roll out their breakfast menu nationwide starting in 2020.

Currently, Wendy's offers breakfast at around 300 locations in the U.S. That will expand to all locations next year. The move is so big that the company plans on hiring 20,000 new employees to meet demands. Breakfast is a huge deal to fast-food restaurants. It is consistently the most popular meal ordered and remains the only area of growth.

Items on the new Wendy's breakfast menu will include a breakfast version of the Baconator, a frappucino frosty, and hash browns. I'm honestly surprised it took Wendy's this long! I'm a fan of the $5 Biggie bag, so you better believe I'll be trying Wendy's for breakfast!


[via CNN]

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