We got a fresh, hot pizza delivery at the radio station this morning!

The folks from Casey's General Store dropped off a few of their new 'Midwest Mystery' pizzas for us to try, which became available to order this past Sunday. The pizza is topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheese, corn, and BBQ sauce, and I'm pleased to report that it was a hit here at Townsquare Media!

Personally, I don't think the pizza looks very appealing, but it tasted pretty darn good! They used Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce as the base, which was a great choice. Here are some reviews from other folks here at the radio station:

  • "It's a good BBQ pork pizza, but the corn doesn't add much." - Brain (he went back for a second piece)
  • "This pizza is FIRE." - Jaymz Larson
  • "I LOVED it! I think it's pure Iowa and they did Iowa proud." - Mike Ferris
  • "I thought it was delicious. The barbecue sauce makes the pizza and the corn is a surprisingly good addition. The only reason I'm not going back for more is because I have to go to the dentist today." - Eric Stone

There is also a contest involved with the new pizza flavor! If you think you have a good name for it, you could win free pizza from Casey's for a year! Submit your name HERE by September 12th. I just submitted mine and I'm very proud. Grab a slice of "Squealin' & Peelin'" today! :)

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