We've been using video-calling websites and apps for two years now thanks to the pandemic. You'd think people should know by now what they can and cannot do while on a video call.

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Communicating over video calls over the past few years has become second nature to many of us. Whether it be chatting with friends who are far away, family that might be experiencing some health issues, or co-workers that are working from home; we've all used these services at one point or another.

You'd think everyone also understands the *ahem* dress code as well.

One Waterloo man is in big trouble for his behavior over a Zoom call.

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This is no laughing matter. Waterloo city police arrested Joshua Deutsch on Monday, April 18th on two counts of indecent exposure, according to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

Officials claim that Deutsch was on the video conference application Zoom while in his bathtub in early February.

The 43-year-old Waterloo man allegedly "exposed himself" to co-workers in California over multiple video calls. Officers apparently saw footage from these calls.

Evidence for this case also shows videos that revealed his tattoos (we don't know exactly WHERE they were but we're going to assume somewhere where the sun don't shine) as well as a selfie he took during the video calls of him in a bathtub, according to reports.

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The Waterloo man is currently dealing with several other charges, which include harassment and threatening to shoot a Cedar Falls credit union employee last year, according to the Courier.

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