It's not easy being a college kid sometimes. You're setting out on a whole new adventure and trying to learn how to be an actual adult. However, when you go off to college you should know a few of the basic necessities just to be able to get by.

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Students have been back at college for a few months now, and they are probably just getting back into the college routine. For a whole lot of them, especially for university freshman, this is actually their very first time away from home and their parents. This means, not only are they learning in class, but they're also learning important basic life skills.

While college can be an enriching experience for some people, it can also be a bit expensive. Parents...make sure your kid is worth the cost of going to college, so they don't end up in this situation. Just kidding, they're always worth it...sometimes...


One of the most crucial things that any young person has to learn is how to do their own laundry, and one Iowa City student is learning how to do it the hard way.

In a video posted by University of Iowa student Olivia Gorsche on Tik Tok, the results of laundry gone wrong are captured. The short clip shows the dorm fire alarm going off as a result of someone SETTING THE INSIDE OF A DRYER MACHINE ON FIRE!

How do you even do that?

Students are gathering around the scene and freaking out, but one brave soul decides to do something about this. He runs into the scene with a Brita. This Brita is holding a cup or two of water but it does the job.


Even after the flames were put out, the machine was still smoking. To watch the full video of this ordeal, you can just scroll down below!

@ogorscheOnly college kids would use a Brita to put out fires #iowacity #iowatok #iowachill♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

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