The police force #lipsyncbattle rages on, with videos and challenges getting even crazier by the minute!

If you're unfamiliar with the phenomenon, police officers across the country have been belting out their favorite songs, posting to social media, and challenging their peers to top their performance. Now, it seems the force has upped the ante by adding dance moves to their dares.

One officer who was up for the challenge was Deputy Anthony Heard from Elberton, Georgia. Realizing that nothing would do for his moment in the viral spotlight but a song by a fellow Georgia boy, Heard selected “Country Girl (Shake It For Me),” the 2011 hit from American Idol judge Luke Bryan.

Heard had some stiff competition (check out this awesome Flashdance/Footloose effort from Texas' Grapevine Police Department), but he—seemingly effortlessly—put his all into the Bryan song and shook it for all he was worth, showing off some impressive moves and even busting out some enviable air guitar. He added the hashtag #EnjoyLife on his Facebook post of the performance, which he seems to be having no problem doing.

Viewers were more than appreciative, given that his video has racked up a cool 8.3 million views on Facebook to date.

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