Walmart delivered great news to Iowa employees on Monday. They're giving bonuses to nearly 15,000 employees, increasing the amount of both paternity and maternity leave, and they're also raising wages. KCCI also says they're going to start a new benefit that will help employees with expenses associated with adoption.

Walmart had recently announced that the company's new starting wage around the U.S. will be $11 per hour and that they would give bonuses of up to $1,000. The cash bonuses will total nearly $5.7 million.

Wal-Mart Opens First 24-Hour "SuperCenter" In LA County
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Walmart also now says it's increasing the average wage for full-time workers to $14.67. Interestingly enough, Walmart's website says full-time employees in Iowa already make an average of $14.52 per hour.

There are 58 Walmart Supercenter's in the state of Iowa.


[via KCCI]

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