Iowa's Secretary of State is reminding Iowans that voting in 2019 will now require your ID. The Election and Modernization and Integrity Act is in full effect this year. Any voter wanting to cast a vote in any election at any level will now be required to show an approved form of identification before being allowed to do so.

Valid forms of ID include non-expired Iowa driver's license, non-operator's ID, military ID, U.S. passport, tribal ID, veteran's ID, or a state-approved voter ID card. Voter ID cards are mailed automatically to people who do not have a valid driver's license or a non-operator ID.

If you don't have any of those forms of identification, you can have another registered voter from your precinct with a valid ID attest to your identity. You may also cast a provisional ballot. The ballot will be counted when a proper ID is presented to the county auditor.

You probably were already asked to present identification when you voted in 2018. The new rules were in effect in practice only. But going forward make sure you have your ID with you. Because every vote counts!


[via KCRG]

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