The time to vote is here! We've teamed with UnityPoint Health to truly make a difference to kids with the 'Imagine the Amazing' contest that will give a total of $35,000 to eleven different schools.

One not-for-profit school (public or private) will receive an amazing $25,000 to help teachers, the learning environment, or to improve the well-being of the school's students. The health and wellness of ten other schools will benefit with each receiving $1,000.

It's time for you to get the vote out for your school. Voting is officially underway and continues through September 30. Vote for your individual school, NOT your district, HERE. You can vote as many times as you want and with this kind of money at stake for your school, I'd vote a lot! I'd also tell my friends, relatives, my friends' relatives... you get the point.

Read the rules here and vote, vote, vote. Good luck!


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