The leaves are showing their best fall colors and that cool fall weather is blowing in. In celebration of the fall season, we asked you to submit your best fall photos.

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From the beautiful red, yellow, and orange colors in the trees and crisp air to bonfires, pumpkin patches and those delicious pumpkin spice lattés, we recieved tons of photos from listeners. Now that we've collected all of your pictures, it's time to vote! We've chosen our favorites and listed them below. Now it's in your hands. Vote for your favorite out of the photos below to crown K-Hawk Country's Best Fall Photo 2020.

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The voting period will conclude on Sunday, October 25.

  • Andy M.

  • Brad M.

  • Chad B.


    Kids playing in leaves

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  • Denise C.

  • Denise S.


    Riding haflinger Wallet

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  • Eileen J.

  • Jill H.

  • Maddie N.

  • Mark E.

  • Nita H.

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