The Cedar Rapids Jaycees hope to bring back live concerts back to McGrath Amphitheatre later this summer.

But for starters, let's try this online thing! Power up the laptop or tablet and plop down on your patio for the kickoff to the 2020 Uptown Friday Night season on June 12.

It's a live Facebook performance of Uptown Friday Night by Slap 'n Tickle with special guest Superknot.

The virtual concert will begin at 7:00 p.m. with backstage antics beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The Cedar Rapids Jaycees will solicit donations online to help cover costs asking for your support by sharing the event on Facebook and donating online.
And before you know it we may find ourselves back on the green lawns of McGrath Amphitheatre, enjoying a cold adult beverage along with great food from Paul Revere's Pizza, and digging the tunes of our favorite local hometown bands.
It really puts things in perspective when you realize those annoying occasional rain-out days really were not that bad, all things considered. So for now, we'll be content to support and enjoy the virtual experience of Uptown Friday Nights starting June 12 in the comfort of our own backyard. Until then, thanks to the Cedar Rapids Jaycees!

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