He pulled it off and is doing great.

The Ohio man who was determined to only drink beer for 40 days says, "I feel like I'm in my 20's". 43-year-old former Army verteran, Del Hall, announced last month that he was going to be giving up food for Lent and only drinking craft beers.

Most dietitians and workout programs aim for losing a pound a week. Hall lost a pound a day. He is down 40 pounds from his starting weight. In addition to losing weight, Hall says he needs less sleep and has a clearer mind.

Hall was drinking a specially crafted doppelbock which was inspired by a group of monks that would use it as their source of nutrition. Hall said that he probably won't go back to drinking that kind of beer because it's just "too sweet" for him. Hall said that he will have to ease himself back into solid food when his fast is officially over. Hall went on to say, "Beer isn't as bad as people think. People really vilify beer. Everything in excess is bad for you, and really, the average American diet will kill you faster than craft beer will."

Hall says that this fast will help him regroup and will eat a healthier diet once Lent is over.

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