Students at the University of Iowa experiencing gaps in their leases will not have to worry! Now if you're wondering what exactly a lease gap is, it's that pesky time of year for students between late July (when leases end) and August (when they begin). Many students have to find a place to stay and store their stuff in this awkward time in-between leases.

This gap occurs so that the university staff can get some much needed maintenance and repairs done to the housing developments. This may be a great time to get the properties ready for the next tenants, but it puts may students in a tough position. That's improved now though with this new lease program that gives them the opportunity to get temporary housing!

The university's new lease gap program will offer students rooms in Burge Hall, July 20 through August 4 for only $35 a night according to the Iowa City Press Citizen. What's even cooler is that the idea for the program came from the students themselves. It was brought to "University Housing and Dining and Student Life by members of the student government in November." The report states that currently 40 students have taken advantage of this program and are residing in Burge Hall.

No more sleeping in cars, on friend's couches, or making long commutes home!

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