Saturday's FCS football game between the University of Northern Iowa and Youngstown State was dominated, on the field, by the Panthers. They shut out the proud Youngstown State program 21-0, but what's getting much of the attention is what happened on the sideline during the first half.

UNI wide receiver Quan Hampton, in his first season with the Panthers after transferring from Kansas, made a catch over the middle and darted for the Youngstown State sideline. After a 26-yard catch and run late in the second quarter, Hampton ran out of bounds where he was knocked down by a Youngstown State staffer.

The first time I watched this I thought maybe it was an accident. However, it appears a shoulder is lowered into Hampton by the man in the while long sleeves, who also appears to sticks out his right leg in an attempt to trip Hampton. All the players are backing up as the two players leave the field of play and head toward them, but not the man in white. Do you see anything other than a cheap shot here? You'll notice as Hampton begins to get up off the ground, he points at the man. Clearly, there's no doubt in his mind it was a cheap shot. No penalty was called.

[UPDATE 3:00 PM Monday] The man in the white shirt on the Youngstown State sideline has been identified as Youngstown State assistant coach Tim Johnson, who is in his first season on the staff. My Fox 8 reports Johnson will not be allowed on the sideline for any of the team's games the rest of the season.

Monday afternoon, Johnson issued an apology, as first reported by My Fox 8:

I apologize to UNI, Youngstown State, the Missouri Valley Football Conference and our community for what occurred on Saturday. As a member of the YSU Football staff, my actions are held in high regard and that should have never occurred. Again, I deeply apologize to all who have been impacted by my actions.

Hampton rushed twice for 24 yards and had 5 catches for 74 yards in the game. He now has 12 catches for 139 yards in his first two games with UNI. After Saturday's game, he posted the replay of the hit on Twitter:

UNI held Youngstown State to just 135 total yards in Saturday's game, according to ESPN. The 1-1 Panthers host Illinois State Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. in the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls.

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