Nothing says fall in Iowa like a corn maze! Bloomsbury Farm has one of the biggest corn mazes around, and this year's maze features a special theme -- The University of Iowa Children's Hospital!

The 10-acre maze features the hospital's logo etched in corn. The view from above is pretty spectacular, but good luck navigating it from below. Last year, Chase and I tried to make our way through the corn maze at Bloomsbury. Fortunately, they provide maps. Our favorite part was making our way to one of the bridge/look-out stations. You can see just how far you've come, but also just how far you have to go!

We're also happy that Bloomsbury chose to use the University of Iowa Children's Hospital logo because it is a cause close to our hearts. Next year, the new hospital will open in Iowa City. It will also mark our 20th radiothon for the Children's Miracle Network. Bloomsbury agrees that the University of Iowa Children's Hospital is an amazing place where miracles happen every day. We're happy to join them in saluting all the patients and families who are seen there.

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