If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say? Tyler Hubbard recently did just that, as part of a meditation exercise, and the result -- which the Florida Georgia Line singer shared on social media -- is a sweet look into the past.

"Dear little T-Hubb," Hubbard's note begins. The letter talks about how "refreshing and inspiring" it was for the artist to remember a simpler time in life, when his biggest worries involved fishing and planning to build a treehouse.

Present-day Hubbard also notes that he can still relate to the love his younger self had for his friends and family. At the end of his note, adult Hubbard writes that he wants his younger self to "keep and hold onto that childlike energy and imagination. Continue to play always, even when work becomes an important part of your life. Never let work become the most important."

"Always remember WHO you are and don't put to [sic] much importance on WHAT you are," Hubbard concludes. "You are loved."

Hubbard wrote his letter to his younger self, he explains, as part of an Onsite Workshops session; according to their website, the organization "provides a safe, loving, family environment where guests can break the cycles that hold them back and rediscover themselves and their relationships ... Our primary goal is to help each guest reach their full potential of emotional freedom." In his Instagram post, Hubbard notes that the experience "opened my eyes to so much."

Florida Georgia Line -- Hubbard and duo partner Brian Kelley -- are preparing to release a new album in February. Can't Say I Ain't Country is due out on Feb. 15.

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