At least we don't have as many as Wisconsin...

24/7 Wall St. reviewed survey data to determine which cities in America are the "drunkest" and which ones are the "driest," and the results are actually pretty interesting. For the most part, the the 20 drunkest cities are in the Midwest, while most of the top 20 driest cities are farther south. According to the article, the list is based off of "binge and heavy drinking rates among adults in U.S. metro areas." The article also states:

"The CDC defines binge drinking as consuming four or more drinks for women and five or more drinks for men during a single sitting. Heavy drinking is defined as some 15 or more drinks consumed per week for men and eight or more drinks for women."

Coming in at #19 on the list of the drunkest cities in America is Iowa City. The study reports that the percentage of adults that drink to excess is 23.2%, while the national average is around 18%. This could have something to do with the median income, which is reported at $59,791. The study says:

"Binge drinking is more common among households earning at least $75,000 a year. In Iowa City, 41.6% of households report such high earnings, well above the 35.6% of American households with incomes of at least $75,000."

Iowa didn't make the top five, but it did make the top ten, with Ames coming in at #8. 24.4% of adults are reported to drink to excess. BUT, the study also says this:

"While adults in Ames may be more likely than most to drink excessively, they also appear less likely to engage in risky behavior associated with drinking. Only 11.8% of fatalities on roads in Ames involved alcohol, far less than the 31.0% that did nationwide."

And, when I said earlier that we're not as bad as Wisconsin, I wasn't joking. TWELVE out of the top 20 cities are in the state of Wisconsin (and yes, that does include Green Bay).

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