Tonight's the night! Luke Bryan's Farm Tour descends on Cedar Rapids. Almost everything for tonight's tour stop has already landed in Cedar Rapids except for the most important thing of all... the fans. If you're coming to the show tonight or will be traveling in the area, here's what you need to know.

Not surprisingly, a media release from the Linn County Sheriff's Office states that they expect the concert to cause traffic delays both this afternoon and tonight on Wright Brothers Blvd in the areas surrounding C St. and Spanish Road. If you were going to be traveling in this area, and not attending the concert, you're advised to find an alternative route and avoid the area.

Gates to parking lots will open at 2 p.m. this afternoon off of both C St. and Spanish Road. Anyone entering the concert parking areas should do so by traveling south from Wright Brothers Blvd. Deputies with the Linn County Sheriff's Office will be monitoring traffic and assisting with traffic flow.

Tonight's concert is expected to end at approximately 11 p.m. All traffic leaving the C St. parking area will head north to Wright Brothers Blvd and will be required to travel west to I-380, where normal traffic will be resumed.

Traffic leaving on Spanish Road will be required to go north to 76th Avenue, and then to C St. or Kirkwood Blvd, where normal traffic will be resumed. No traffic will be allowed to go south out of any of the parking lots after tonight's concert.

Deputies with the Linn County Sheriff's Office will also be helping with traffic flow after the show at intersections on Wright Brothers Blvd and 76th Avenue.

When the concert ends, traffic will be restricted on Wright Brothers Blvd, 76th Avenue, and C St., except for vehicles leaving the concert. When the concert crowd has departed the area, normal traffic flow will resume on those roadways.

Also, please note that no traffic will be allowed to go north on Kirkwood Blvd from Wright Brothers Blvd, due to road construction.

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