If I had one wish, I would wish for ten wishes more. Next, I'd get busy thinking of which great restaurants I would like to see come to Cedar Rapids.

Here are ten of the best U.S. restaurants we are missing in Cedar Rapids:

Boston Market - Incredible comfort food with baked chicken, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese...mmm!

IN-N-OUT Burger - Not just another burger joint. This one has a real flair for thick and juicy patties and fresh toppings.

Hooter's - America's favorite bar food - wings, fish fry, tacos and more.

Tender Greens - A light and breezy west coast favorite. Plenty of healthy veggie choices, too.

Umami Buger - more than just a pretty face, but the pretty face is certainly stunning!

Famous Dave's - Ribs, and chicken make for a good old fashioned BBQ.

Nobu -  the Ultimate in Sushi, nothing can top it.

Shake Shack - More than just great shakes, plenty of tasty sandwich choices.

Maggiano's - Italian food at its finest! Old world charm and recipes.




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