Wisconsin and Illinois are home to top-rated kids' mullets in the United States.

What Is A Mullet?

According to menhairstylesworld.com

"In a nutshell, a mullet is a haircut that features cropped sides, a short top, and longer hair in the back."

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Some people describe it as "business in the front and party in the back" because it is cut short on the top and sides while the back is left long.

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The mullet is normally a men's hairstyle but women are known to have them too. Miley Cyrus rocked one for a while.

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A person who wears a mullet is committed to the look and usually many years into that haircut. There is also a certain type of lifestyle associated with mullets. The stereotype would be "Joe Dirt."

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Mullets have become a big thing in the world of pro sports. For a long time, it was also considered "hockey hair" but now baseball, football, and other players have them too.

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Best Mullets In The United States

The mullet was considered a cool haircut (or was it?) for a short time in the 1980s. I even had one for a while. Then it became a joke. Now, I am really not sure. It is a mix between them both. I would almost consider it a "cult" thing.

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Now, since this old-school hairstyle has such a following people are on the search for the best mullets. Then came along the U.S. Mullet Championships where people from around the country are competing for the title of "Best Mullet In The Nation."

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Illinois And Wisconsin Represented In Mullet Championship Tournament

Mullets from around the country are nominated in different categories for title of the "best." The fans get to vote for their favorite. A newly added group is the kid mullet. There are top-rated kid mullets from Illinois and Wisconsin. I am not surprised. I see them all the time when I am out and about.

From nbcchicago.com

"Among the competitors are Hudson Ryan of Erie, Illinois and JD Sterckx, of Pulaski, Wisconsin. Other championship hopefuls are from Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan, along with a number of other states."


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Top Kid's Mullet From Wisconsin

Top Kid's Mullet From Illinois

Both are very impressive. Unfortunately, the voting ended earlier this week. Good luck to our area competitors and hopefully, one of them turns out to be the best mullet in the United States.


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