Toby Keith made a splash on the music scene with his self-titled 1993 debut album, and for some fans it might be hard to believe that record dropped a full 25 years ago! On Nov. 30, the singer will be releasing a remastered edition of the classic set, retitled "Should Have Been a Cowboy" after his lead single.

The new release will include a commemorative cover and liner notes, plus three rare tracks from Keith’s personal vault. It will also be available on vinyl for the first time.

As for the single that started it all, Keith explains in the liner notes the incident that inspired him to pen the song.

"Me and some friends wandered into a bar in Dodge City, Kansas, where the old TV show Gunsmoke was set and watched a buddy get shot down by the pretty girl he asked to dance," he relates. "Young guy in a hat walked up after and she went right off to the floor with him. Someone turned to our friend and said, 'You should have been a cowboy.' We got back to the hotel and I wrote it in the bathroom once everyone fell asleep."

He continues, describing the amazing feeling of the first time hearing his song professionally handled. "Hearing my songs played by real session guys instead of whoever I'd made the demo with was like putting on magic dust. When we did "Cowboy" I could tell by the look on their faces we really had something. On the outside I was all business, but on the inside, I was jumping up and down."

The song eventually went on to be the most played country song of the 1990s and earned the Oklahoma native his first platinum record. Keith managed, of course, to follow that No. 1 hit with a nonstop stream of success. His most recent accolade will come Dec. 8, when he receives the Nashville Symphony's 2018 Harmony Award.

You Think You Know the '90s? Think Again!

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