I am NOT a professional landscaper. I don't have a green thumb. But during my time as a homeowner, I've learned a lot of tips and things to do and not to do. While I may not win a 'Best Yard' contest, I'm happy with the way it looks each spring. Here are a few things to remember this spring to get your yard in tip-top shape!

  • Get your mower ready - We're talking about a tune-up of course. Change the oil and possibly the spark plug too. I've had the same lawnmower for 14 years. Proving if you take care of it, they will last.
  • Clean up - Pick up all the sticks and twigs that laid around all winter. Also, rake up the remaining leaves and dead grass.
  • Repair bare spots - Early spring for bare spots on the north lawn, late spring for your south lawn. Wait until grass is over 2 inches long to mow.
  • Weed and Feed - Now is a great time to spread down a fertilizer/weed killer. Be careful to follow directions so you don't kill your current yard.
  • Mulch it up - Early spring is the time to get that mulch down on flower beds and landscaping. 2 to 3 inches is enough, but be careful not to cover plants.

Don't wait too long to get started on lawn care. These nice cool spring days will heat up before you know it!


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