Tim McGraw's youngest daughter Audrey recently sat at the piano to recreate a Grammy-winning classic rock song. Her moody version is on brand for the music she's been letting trickle out on social media. It also begs a very interesting question.

When will the country singer and his daughter — or daughters, since all three can sing — share some studio space for an official collaboration? So far, it's only happened once. In 2015 Tim and middle daughter Gracie recorded "Here Tonight" together for his Damn Country Music album. Later they'd take to the stage in Nashville to perform it for fans.

There may be a perfectly good explanation for why fans haven't gotten more from the family McGraw, but first, the details on Audrey's new cover song. On Instagram, she shared a black and white video of her singing "Fire and Ice," a hit song for Pat Benatar. The 1981 recording earned her a Grammy Award and propelled her white-hot career. This new version slows the rocker way down. Audrey has created more of a tragic, coffee shop vibe.

"Put on a pretty dress and attempted to sing a Pat Benatar song on piano," she writes. "Excuse my yelling but I gotta have some rock on here."

Previously, Audrey McGraw has covered Brandi Carlile (her moody version of "The Joke" is close to the original) and more at the piano. Officially, she's pursuing a career in acting, with a starring role in her father's latest "7500 OBO" music video being her highest profile gig to date.

Of course, all three of the McGraw daughters have singing genes from both father and mother. Faith Hill has featured her children singing on Instagram several times, but she too hasn't recorded an official duet with one. There are two possible reasons.

The first is that McGraw made it clear he wants his daughters to finish their college educations before pursuing artistic passions. The other reason is that asking one of his kids to record with him was really, really difficult the first time.

"It was scary. I was scared to ask her — I was," McGraw told the Boot in 2015. "I’m decidedly uncool to her; I’m Dad. I didn’t think that she would think it would be very cool to sing with Dad, especially with her group of friends and her group of musicians."

Hill was no help.

"I asked Faith about it. She said, ‘It’s your funeral. You ask her,'" McGraw recalled.

Eventually, the hitmaker sent his daughter the song, just to get her opinion. She liked it, so he made his move. "Two or three days later, we were in the studio. She knew it. She had it down," McGraw says.

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