Thomas Rhett tipped his hat to mothers everywhere on Mother's Day 2022 (May 8), making special mention of the mother nearest and dearest to his heart: His wife Lauren Akins, who is mom to the couple's four daughters.

The youngest of their kids, Lillie Carolina, was born in November 2021, and with an infant in the house -- plus three more children ages two through six -- things can get pretty chaotic around that house. In the spirit of keeping things real, the first picture Rhett shared was a memory of a hilarious "mom life" moment that Akins documented on her social media back in February. While she was feeding the baby, Akins let her older kids do her hair -- and they got a comb stuck in one of her locks so badly that it took a box cutter, a knife and no small measure of patience to remove it.

"I chose this picture to lead off your Mother's Day post because I think it describes our life to a T right now," Rhett wrote, alongside a picture of his wife smiling ruefully into the camera, comb dangling from her head.

For the rest of his photo montage, Rhett chose some happier snapshots, revisiting family memories of his wife in the desert, at Disney World, taking a nap with toddler Lennon Love and more.

"Honey, today is Mother's Day but it should also be called 'happy patience day' and 'happy how the heck do you do it but you just do day' and 'happy most beautiful human alive day' -- I could go on and on," the country star wrote in his post's lengthy caption. "You truly are part angel, part woman."

Rhett also expressed his gratitude that his wife chose him to be her husband, and acknowledges the hard work that comes along with raising four small children. "I hope that today you feel peace, relaxation and the bliss of a good margarita!" he continued.

The singer ended his Mother's Day tribute with a more general message. "Happy Mother's Day to you and to all the moms out there making it happen. We'd be lost without you," Rhett said.

Whenever he's spending time with his family, Rhett will be spending time onstage with his fans this summer. His Bring the Bar to You Tour launches in mid-June.

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