A new bill that surfaced in the Iowa House a couple of days ago, has many Iowans concerned. If passed, certain professions would NOT be required to have a license in the state of Iowa. According to KCRG, these professions include barbers, social workers, mental health care professionals, massage therapists, and even respiratory therapists. Instead many professions would be required to be registered through the state, however it is unclear as to what exactly that entails.

If this bill passes, the profession that seems to be concerning most people is respiratory therapy. KCRG says that Iowa would join Alaska in being the only states not requiring respiratory therapists to have a license. Many feel that patients will suffer as a result of this.

KCRG/TV9 reported that "the governor's office stated that the bill aims to remove entry barriers for many looking for work, while lowering the costs of regulation on businesses."

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