We are blessed to have an amazing library in downtown Cedar Rapids. But ask yourself, how many times have you been there? I'll admit that I've only visited a handful of times and I work only a few blocks away!  But apparently a lot of people continue to visit libraries around the country. In fact, more people visit libraries than go to movies!

According to a new Gallup poll, going to the library remains the most common cultural thing that Americans do. The research shows that the average American visits a library 10.5 times per year. That far outpaces second-place events including live music or theatrical events and visiting national parks and historic places at 4 times per year. Going to an amusement park was around 1.5 per year, and zoos were less than one trip.

The data, which was collected in December of 2019, is the first update to this type of survey since 2001. Overall rankings remain the same with a slight decrease in movie theater trips. Small increases are reported in trips to a museum and a live music event.

Other findings included that women go to libraries twice as much as men and that families also frequent libraries more often.


[via Gallup]

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