I'm a big fan of garage sales, because a lot of times people sell some awesome basement treasures that remind me of my childhood. The World's Largest Garage Sale is coming up May 9th at Hawkeye Downs, and I'm really hoping to come across some awesome 90s items. I've come up with the ultimate 90s scavenger hunt, filled with 10 items that I haven't seen in a really long time. Here's the official list:

  1. Anything Lisa Frank
  2. K'Nex
  3. HitClips
  4. Original Easy Bake Oven
  5. Beanie Babies
  6. First Generation Pokemon Cards
  7. Original Game Boy Color
  8. Original Littlest Pet Shop toys
  9. The Spice World Movie on VHS
  10. Original Polly Pockets

Be sure to be on the lookout for your favorite 90s items at the World's Largest Garage Sale next month!

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