All good things must come to an end, including the end of the world in a zombie apocalypse.

The actual finale is still a ways off, but AMC has announced that The Walking Dead is starting to wind down. The show will conclude after its upcoming Season 11. The good news here: Season 11 is a super-sized 24 episodes, and there are six bonus episodes of Season 10 coming, along with the Season 10 finale that was previously delayed due to the coronavirus. So even with “the end” in sight it’s still quite a ways off. There’s still more than 30 hours of story left to go.

Plus, even when The Walking Dead does end, the story will continue, with two new spinoffs joining the existing fleet of Walking Dead series. A spinoff about Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol will debut in 2023. A second spinoff called Tales of the Walking Dead will join it — and this one is an anthology series that will focus on both new and existing characters. It’s possible long-dead favorites could return on that show, filling in details of their lives before they became zombie food.

Those spinoffs join existing series Fear the Walking Dead and the new The Walking Dead: World Beyond that’s set to premiere on AMC next month. So that’s a total of four different Walking Dead spinoffs to replace the original series. That should take some of the, uh, bite, out of losing the original series.

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