This weekend was a big one down in Iowa City. The University of Iowa held their 24th annual Dance Marathon and they became the second school to ever raise over 3 MILLION DOLLARS!

According to the official website, "The University of Iowa Dance Marathon is a student organization that provides year-round support to youth cancer patients and their families. The Big Event is a 24-hour Dance Marathon where students assemble to celebrate the children survivors and remember the children who have passed away throughout the year." The Dance Marathon held down in Iowa City is the largest in the country, with over 2,700 students dancers. This year alone, they raised a whopping $3,011,015.24. That's their highest total EVER!

In the fall of last year, our annual Radiothon also raised money for the Children's Hospital  - $119,867.18 to be exact! Iowans always come through when it comes to helping out the kids in our community and we absolutely LOVE IT!

See photos from the University of Iowa Dance Marathon HERE.

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