When you think of great BBQ food several Midwest cities come to mind. Kansas City and St. Louis just to name a couple. But according to the latest list of the 'Best BBQ Cities in the U.S.', you better throw an Iowa city on that list too!

Only one Iowa city made the prestigious BBQ list, according to the Des Moines Register. That city was Des Moines, Iowa, and it cracked the top 20! Iowa's capital city was voted the 19th best city for BBQ in the United States! According to the survey, cities were judged on a number of different factors including access, quality, BBQ accolades, and events hosted. The Register reports that other factors included the number of award-winning BBQ restaurants, customer ratings for smokehouses, and multiple BBQ festivals.

Midwest cities did very well in general. The Register reports that St. Louis came in number one followed by Kansas City at number two. Springfield, Missouri came in at number 4. Three cities from the state of Texas also ranked in the top 20. Western states did not fare as well.

Facebook via The Des Moines Register
Facebook via The Des Moines Register

So where should you go for the best BBQ in Des Moines? The Register lists some of the top spots you might want to try on your next visit.

While it is hard to argue with Des Moine's ranking, Eastern Iowa is also home to some great BBQ joints. Let us know some of YOUR favorites!

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