If you consider yourself an Iowan, then you know what a tenderloin is. This beautiful sandwich of pork perfection can be found all over Iowa and especially at the fairs. Since the tenderloin has become a part of our culture, we decided to create 'The Ten Commandments of the Iowa Tenderloin'. These are the rules to live by when it comes to tenderloins.

1) Thy tenderloin should never be smaller than thy bun.

2) Thou shall always fry a breaded tenderloin.

3) Thou must share with a friend if thou cannot finish. NEVER throw this treasure away.

4) Honor thy restaurants that serve tenderloins.

5) Thou shall not over-condiment thy tenderloin. It's perfect how it is.

6) Thou shall never let thy tenderloin sit out and get a soggy bun.

7) Thou shall not be decieved by an imposter. It's not chicken!

8) Thou shall stop at the tenderloin stand FIRST at the fair, to ensure room in thou's stomach.

9) Thou shall take photos of thy tenderloin to appreciate its massive beauty.

10) Thou shall post those photos to social media to rub it in all of their friends faces... and make them jealous.

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