One of life's pressing questions has been answered... what is the best chain restaurant in America? Ok, maybe not a pressing question but still can finally satisfy the curiosity for those of us who are foodies.

Ranker recently asked people to vote on their favorite chain restaurants in the U.S. and over 7,000 people have given their opinion! Chain restaurants can be anything from sit down restaurants to fast food... and no surprise that fast food is ranked in most of the top 10. So, what are the top chain restaurants? Below are what made the top of the list and we have most of them in the Cedar Valley!

1.  Chick-fil-A

2.  Wendy's

3.  Five Guys

4.  Subway

5.  Dairy Queen

6.  Red Robin  *The only nicer sit-down restaurant on the list.

7.  IHOP

8.  KFC

9.  Taco Bell

10.  Burger King

Surprisingly, McDonald's is not in the top 10 or anywhere close to it, as it ranked at 73! Other restaurants that just missed the top 10 include Cheesecake Factory at number 11, Olive Garden at number 12 and Red Lobster at number 13.

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