After brawls broke out at last year's Sweet Corn Festival in Cedar Rapids, organizers say they will charge admission according to KCRG/TV9.

Iowans are now paying the price after fighting at last year's St. Jude Sweet Corn Festival -- LITERALLY. The event used to be FREE, but now you'll be paying $5 if you're 10-years-old or above. Persons over the age of 60 will be allowed in free of charge. KCRG reports that this comes as a safety measure after last year's fights involving around 70 people! Those involved were mostly in their teens or younger and from the Cedar Rapids area, according to KCRG. The dispute forced the festival to shut down early that night.

Check out the report form KCRG:

With people having to spend their hard-earned money on this event, hopefully, that keeps things under control. Let's all show off our Iowa niceness and enjoy some good 'ol sweet corn!

[Via KCRG]

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