When talking about Iowa history, you're likely to hear/learn about the rich German culture. It dates all the way back to the mid-1840s as the "forty-eighters" headed the midwest, after an eventually failed revolution.

Did you also know that the second largest group of immigrants in Iowa is the Irish? With today being St Patrick's Day, don't be surprised if you run into a lot of green and a lot of proud Irish Americans. Irish immigrants have actually "settled in large numbers in the Mississippi River towns like Dubuque and Davenport."

When thinking of areas that are very popular among the Irish, in America most people tend to start with Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, even New York, but Iowa also has its own very rich history with the Irish people. Iowa ranks 12 as the most Irish state in America according to zippia.com and is actually the highest-rated Irish state among the midwest. Wouldn't it be sweet if you ran into someone with a thick Irish accent tonight when you're out eating corn beef and cabbage?

What brought so many Irish people to Iowa was simply, land. Irish historian, Timothy Walch, an Iowa native, spoke on iowapublicradio.com and said

"These were people who came to this country, who were risk-takers, they had aspirations and goals, and so that ambition is what drove them West." 

Timothy actually has a book called "Iowa Irish" that you can find here. I have just bought a copy and am waiting for it to arrive.

Did you know the first-ever trial for murder, in Iowa, was between two Irish people?  Probably not something to brag about when bringing up everything amazing about Iowa but is interesting none-the-less.

The Trial was held on May 20th, 1834, in what was known as "The State of Iowa" back then, and took place outside under an elm tree, according to this article. This trial is mostly recognized as the Hanging of Patrick O'Connor after he shot and killed George O'Keaf.

When most Americans think of the Irish or St Patrick's Day, they probably aren't screaming out Iowa! but we can because we know better. Here is a list of things for you to do to celebrate St Patrick's Day and I hope you can find something to enjoy the day. If you plan on celebrating the day with Guinness or Jameson Irish Whiskey...plan for a safe ride home.  Everyone gets to be a little Irish on St Patrick's Day, Cheers.

Unsplash/Des Récits
Unsplash/Des Récits


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