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A study from Zippia determined the rudest states in the country. According to that study, Rhode Island is the rudest state in America, with the residents' average tip is only 15.3%. 3.1% of the drivers there are considered rude. 

On the other side of the coin, the politest state is Mississippi. Where does Iowa rank in this entire study?

Iowa is in the top half of the country for the study, coming in at 18th rudest state. If you think about it, that's not TOO bad. Compared to cities in the top five of the list, Iowans seem almost saintly.

However, when you are named the rudest city in the state, that is something that you should take a moment to examine.

Another site put together a list of the most impolite cities in the country. Travel Alot determined which town in each state is the rudest. The ones that one surprise you are in the bigger, coastal states. Chicago, NYC, and Los Angeles are the worst for their respective states.

However, what about a significantly smaller city...or a small town? The stereotype for people living in cities is that they are much ruder than someone from a more rural town, right?

Well, the rudest town in Iowa is changing that trope!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Clinton has been given the title of most impolite town in Iowa. I wouldn't say it's an honor...While it's not a "small town" it is one of the smaller spots that are mentioned in this list.

According to the recent census, the city has a population of approximately 24,434. Clinton plays host to several music events including the Tailgate N’ Tallboys festival.

Read more about that here.

According to the list, "some people have remarked that it just doesn't have that home town feel."

If you're from Clinton, do you think this is true? Would you agree that this is the rudest place in the Hawkeye State?

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