When it comes to fishing you're either stuck on the shore or flying around on a big boat. But the boat you use to fish has officially shrunk! Enter the portable fishing platform called the Ultraskiff. This thing could change the way you enjoy your time on the water in a variety of ways!

The Ultraskiff is a well-balanced boat and platform where you have 360 degrees of access. Its balance and stability come from the fact that the outer deck of the vessel is inverted. The provides stability and is also easier on your legs and joints on the long days of fishing on the lake. The Ultraskiff comes in a variety of different models and has a number of different accessories that you can choose from too. You can use the motor or paddle your way to your favorite fishing area.

You don't even necessarily use the Ultraskiff for fishing. Crusie around a small lake, or simply float your favorite river this summer. You can fish from it, hunt from it, or just jump off and swim from the deck! It is also incredibly easy to transport thanks to eight strap guides and an accessible center hole.

So now the real question comes to the forefront. How much is one of these going to cost? According to the Ultraskiff website, the base model starts at $1,899 with prices increasing the more bells and whistles you get. Sure it's not a huge bass boat you haul behind your truck. But the Ultraskiff can actually fit in the bed of your truck. One thing is for sure. Owning one of these would put a whole lot of fun in your summer!

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