When I heard that the Nintendo Switch was selling out worldwide, I assumed it was because so many people are stuck at home with nothing to do. As it turns out, I was only partially correct. The gaming system has become more popular recently during the coronavirus pandemic, but that has caused people to begin using bots to buy them in bulk and resell them at much higher prices. The system is similar to the ones that are used to buy concert tickets.

A new article from Vice revealed that "developers are creating dedicated tools to automatically buy Switches from stores when they come back in stock, and before others get a chance to." The most popular tool is called Bird Bot. It is free and available for anyone to use, which is making it even harder for people to purchase Switches for their families.

According to the Vice article, the normal price for a new Nintendo Switch is about $300, but some online sellers are getting around $500 for them. The Animal Crossing Bundle, which typically costs $360, is being sold for around $750!

I bought my Nintendo Switch last year during tax refund season, and I have definitely gotten my money's worth. I've spent hours upon hours playing video games like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and, most recently, Animal Crossing. It has been a huge stress-reliever for me, so I feel bad that families aren't able to take advantage of that during this difficult time. Hopefully, the surge-pricing from resellers will pass soon!

You can read more on the issue from Vice HERE.

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