Let's see if your regular orders made the list!

I'm not proud of my love of fast food, but I'm definitely honest about it. It's yummy, it's cheap, I don't have to cook it, AND I don't have to leave my car? It's hard to say no. As much as I love fast food, I try not to eat it very often, because I know most of it is just plain bad for you. On my quest to eat healthier in 2017, I came across a list from Thrillist of the most unhealthy things you can order at each popular fast food place. Here's are some of the places we have here in Eastern Iowa:

  • Taco Bell - The Steak DoubleDilla with chips & salsa
    • 850 calories
    • 41g total fat
    • 2,020mg sodium
  • Burger King - Bacon King Sandwich
    • 1,040 calories
    • 69g total fat
    • 1,900mg sodium
  • McDonald's - Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
    • 770 calories
    • 45g total fat
    • 1,310mg sodium
  • Arby's - Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich
    • 800 calories
    • 34g total fat
    • 2,420mg sodium
  • KFC - Extra Crispy Chicken Breast (two-piece)
    • 780 calories
    • 47g total fat
    • 1,750mg sodium
  • Wendy's - Dave's Triple
    • 1,070 calories
    • 30g saturated fat
    • 71g protein
  • Panda Express - Chow Mein
    • 510 calories
    • 22g total fat
    • 980mg sodium

Check out the rest of the list HERE.

[Via Thrillist]

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