Even if you're not a huge football fan, Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday. You've got the big game, the commercials, the overhyped halftime show, and of course all the FOOD! Even if I don't really care about the game, I love getting together with friends and sharing some great Iowa foods.

The folks over at Delish took a look at the most Googled Super Bowl food in each state. The list is for the most part pretty predictable. You have your traditional football foods like nachos in Alaska, pizza in Maryland and Michigan, and the big winner, Buffalo Chicken Dip. It was the top searched food in eight different states. But not in Iowa. The top Super Bowl food in the Hawkeye state is...wait for it...Irish Stew! What????

SteveMcsweeny, Thinkstock

I've never been to a football party where stew has been served. Maybe a chili or hearty broccoli and cheese but stew? Maybe I'm way off here. Perhaps I'll get to my destination on Sunday and instead of walking into wings and pizza, I'll get stew, but I highly doubt it. If you need a recipe, here you go.

In case you're wondering what the two states with teams in the big game will be eating, in California, it's baked chicken breasts...how healthy. In Massachusetts, it's gluten-free pretzels. Ouch. Go Rams!


[via Delish]

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